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A truly happy person is one who can enjoy
the scenery on a detour.

And we found the city of Detour
on our trip to


You are
 Happy Camper




Welcome to our Travels page.

Do not let the tent fool you.  We tried that once and decided we would rough it in a motorhome -
 a 40 ft American Dream.


Camping Tips!

Take this simple test to see
if you qualify for solo camping.

Shine a flashlight into one ear.
 If the beam shines out the other ear,
do not go into the woods alone.

ccmcamp2.gif ccmcamp3.gif

 A potato baked in the coals for three hours
makes an excellent hockey puck


 You can start a fire without matches by eating
Mexican food, then breathing on a pile of dry sticks

ccmcamp6.gif ccmcamp7.gif

 A two-man pup tent does not include two men or a pup.


The guitar of the noisy teenager
at the next campsite
makes excellent kindling

ccmcamp10.gif ccmcamp12.gif

It's entirely possible to spend your
whole vacation on a winding mountain road
 behind a large motor home.


Created by Anniebel
Tubes from Cute Colors

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Word of Caution from one who knows:
Don't ever, I mean never, take Hwy 58 out of
Hillsville Va to Martinsville, Va.
It is a very, very curvy road with many 9% mountains
and on a two lane road. It was terrible.
We learned the hard way.