We went out to visit with Toot (above dog in globe) when she was only 2 weeks old.  We brought her home on Thanksgiving weekend l996.  She weights 4 1/2 lbs today.  She is the sweetest little dog anybody could ever want.

 3-8-11 she died today of congestive heart failure. I will forever miss her. She was 15  years old.



Cookie Monster was born on April 30, 1998.  That was what we had planned on naming him.  It only took a couple of days and we changed his name to Taz.  He does love to chew on bones, but thank goodness not furniture. He is very protective of his family and his home. But he loves children.  He loves to run with Grandson Kal in the back yard.  

2002: Taz had a seizure of some kind today.  It did not last very long.  He just had the tremors that he could not control.  Evidently this is common in male Chihuahuas according to the Vet.  Unless they become more frequent, we are just to make him comfortable during them and reassure him until he comes out of them.  During 2002 he had 3 such seizures.

9-1-03    Taz had another seizure today.
11-10-03 Taz had a mild seizure today.
2004       Taz had 1mild seizure.
5-31-05   Taz had a mild seizure.
2-11-06    Another seizure today.
2-28-11    Taz continues to have a seizure  a couple times a year but without medication.
4-20-11    Taz had a mild seizure today.

8-9-2011 Taz has been coughing lately, We took him to the vet who said it was congestive heart failure. He gave us a water tablet and a heart pill to give him.   8-10-2011 Taz got really hot and went into heart failure and died. We all loved him and will miss him forever. There could never be another dog like him.  He was 13 years old.




One night in July 1992 we went out to dinner and stopped by a pet store.  Sitting under a table was the smallest brown dog with the biggest ears we had ever seen.  The store owner had 17 other dogs and was wanting us to take one home.  This is how we found Peanut.  We had her at least 6 months before we ever heard her bark.  She would run and hide when you got out the broom or picked up the newspaper.  We think she must have been really abused as a puppy.  She would pick up her food and run into the next room to eat it.  She still does this to this day.  But she has proven to be quite a lifesaver. One night after a hard rain, Jim took her outside and she started barking and would not let him come down the steps.  When the automatic light came on, there was a very large copperhead snake laying across the sidewalk.

 January 2, 2003: We thought we were about to lose Peanut today.  She spent 4 days at the vet.  We learned she has diabetes. 

April 2, 2003: She is doing just fine on 2 doses of insulin a day.  But she is totally blind.

May 30,2005:   Peanut woke up very confused and did not get out of her bed much.

May 31, 2005:  Today Peanut could not stand up without falling down every few seconds.  Around noon she started having either seizures or strokes.  She died in the afternoon.





 This is a picture of Speedy. We found him out in the middle of the road in a pouring down rain, afraid to move.  We brought him inside our fence. The nest day the school bus driver recognized him,. They came and picked him up.  The next day the brought him back saying their daughter was moving to California and could not take him with her. We so kept him.  He is a very spooky dog, afraid of rain, gunshot noises, and just about  everything.



we now have a chiwinnie dog. her name is Dixie. She is about 6months old  now in Nov 2011. that is part apple head Chihuahua and has long body of Winnie dog. We also have a 9 month old cat that adopted us. They play very well together.


Jim and his dogs.


I made the below square on 11-22-02 and it brought tears to my eyes.  She has been dead since about 1990.  One night near Thanksgiving she woke up screaming and crying.  I put her down on the floor and noticed she could not stand up.  We took her to the emergency vet and x-rays showed she had a cancer that had broken her back.  Of course, she never regained consciousness.  She was with us for 18 years and not a foot away from me the whole time.  I still miss her today.




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