This is what lymphedema looks like.  The first picture is not me, but I do have lymphedema in my right arm.  My arm is swollen just about twice the size of my left arm. There just is no where for the lymph fluid to go because of surgery and radiation damaging the lymph glands.

The person below has lymphedema in her leg.

You can retrain the flow of the lymph fluid with the assistance of a technician using the Lerner Technique.  It takes a long time and hard work. I have to wear an elastic sleeve during the day and a much more substantial  one at night.   Also certain foods are hard to get out of the lymph system and cause severe cramps in my arm, shoulder, and breast area.  They are: eggs, mayo, cheese, oil, fried foods, bacon, sausage, just about everything I like.  Anything bought ready made should be under 5% fat content.  Any type lotion, perfume, soap should also be oil free.


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