Iíve heard of many friendships,
That are all so very fine,
But none over ride the ones Iíve found,
Especially the ones on line.

The people that have never seen me
But I always know are there,
I just have to touch the buttons on my PC
And see how much they care.

How much they bring sunshine,
Into this dreary little place,
All these friends of mine,
All without a face.

I donít know what a lot of them look like,
I donít think I really care,
As long as I turn on my PC
And know that all of you are there!
by Angie Simper aka O'Tess


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Graphics by Anniebel
Pin cushion by Patao
Poem by Angie Simper aka O'Tess
used with her permission
created 6-20-03