~~Twas a Night Afore Christmas~~

Twas a night afore Christmas when all through the house -
'neary a thing was stirring. not even Anniebel, my spouse.
The waders was a hanging by the chimney with care - in
hopes that Santa Claus would fill 'em up thar.
The yungerns was nestled all snug in thar beds, with
visions of sweet tatar pies slam filling their heads.
Ma in her sou'wester, and I in my cap, had jest settled
down to catch us a nap.
When out in da water there rose such a sound - I jumped to
da window to see if a skiff had run aground.
And don't you think that it weren't a shock to see Santa
Claus stranded on an oyster rock.
Now that ain't the half of it - - there's more. The poor ole
fellow was awadin' ashore.
I could tell by his looks he weren't none of my kin - but, boy,
let me tell ya - he was mad as a wet settin' hen.
He was utterin' a word as he went strait to his work
'cause he lost one of his boots in da mud when he
pulled with a jerk.
Well, he went to da Rice's but thar he got tired, trying to
get across the sandspurs in their front yard.
He went to the Willis' to give them a lot, 'till he tripped and
fell on a rusty crabpot.
Bout ready to give up, he went to Zola's down da road -
and all she got was an ugly oyster toad.
He headed to the Munden's but turned around, - figured the
way he looked, they'd put him in the ground.
So wet and full of sandspurs, thar he stood: he decided he
better get while the getting was good.
So he swam to the boat ready to leave da island: pulled her
in reverse and ran slam in a piling'.
I heard him hollar as he sank outa sight, "My Lord, Honey,
ain't I been momicked this night."




created by Anniebel
poem by Connie McElroy
12-1-03 1-26-06