We started out with a 25 foot Airstream travel trailer. Then we went to a 34 foot Gulfstream motorhome.  We were satisfied with the Gulfstream. 

We had discussed if and when we traded what we would want.  They were: a diesel pusher with a king-size bed.  The king-size bed is available on special order but expensive. We figured we would never have one.

 Well, let me tell you, Luck was with us.  We were not looking for a new motorhome when we went to Tom Johnson RV Park, Marion, N.C.  to see the fall colors.  Low and behold, there was a 40 foot diesel pusher American Dream motorhome with a king-size bed. It also has a washer-dryer, small leather couch, another couch, refrigerator with ice maker and just as nice as any small condo you could ever want.  It is a l998 model in perfect condition whose owner traded in on a new one.  Well, it followed us home, and the bank said we could keep it. 

We  expect to travel the USA in style.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. --Eleanor Roosevelt

Made in the Shade

Some want a motorhome,
Some a fifth wheel.
Both have nice kitchens
For cookin' your next meal.
Some have a diesel,
Some a Vortec.
As long as the wheels are turning,
I say, "What the heck?"
Some have slide-outs,
Some of 'em don't
If your battery's dead,
Well, slide out it won't.
Some have four-way jacks,
Some of 'em don't.
If you don't know how to use 'em.
Well. level they won't.
Some have nice murals
Painted on the side.
You can buy a long RV,
Or even extra wide.
Some have washer-dryers,
Some a satellite dish,
A few pull boats behind them
For those who like to fish.
All have their awnings
To keep you in the shade.
I think RVers
Have really got it made.
by Darron Bret Lawson