Ok, somebody asked for the 100 things about me. well here it is.


1.   My real name is Elizabeth Ann  (maiden name Stamey).
2.   My nickname is Anniebel to my friends..
3.   My husband (Jim) gave me that nickname years ago.
4.   Other people call me Ann.
5.   We have been married 50 years (in October  2009).
6.    I still even like him.
7.    I am a retired radiology secretary- 25 years.
8.    Before that I was an office manager in an insurance company.
9.    We have 3 daughters - fast catching up with me in age.
10.  We have 5 grandsons - Shane, Todd, Kal, Christian, Gage,
        and 1 great grandson Wyatt.
11.  We have 1 grand daughter - Ashlee.
12.   I grew up as a back row Southern Baptist.  If I was too sick to go to
        church on Sunday mornings, I was too sick to do anything else all day,
        according to my Daddy. My grandfather was a Methodist minister.         
13.   I don't smoke.  Quit in the mid 70's.
14.   I don't like beer. Tried it 1 time in high school, never since.
15.   I don't like exercising.
16.   So I am overweight.
17.   I am a Capricorn.
18.   I love to travel.
19.   I love the coast and ocean. I live on the coast of North Carolina
        in a rural fishing area. Only small towns nearby. Largest town is 1 1/2 
        hours away (Wilmington, North Carolina).    
20.   I don't like to just sit out on the beach though.
21.   I was a DJ (playing music at weddings, parties, etc.)
22.   I have a large music collection. 
23.   I don't like classical music.
24.   In our younger days, we danced 3-4 nights a week I was not overweight.
25.   Now we dance 3-4 times a year. Weight gain just creeped in.
26.   I am a 2 time cancer survivor.
27.   I was a redhead most of my life. (also mother & 2 brothers).
28.   Now my hair is mostly grey.
29.   I love seafood, except oysters.
30.   I collect jukeboxes but don't have a big one.
31.   I like lighthouses.
32.   I love Chihuahuas. We have 3.
33.   My Mom died in 2002. Her name was Alene Edwards Stamey.
         She was from Union County, North Carolina. Her sisters were: Melba,
         Willie, Libby and brothers were Paul and  Doyle Edwards.
34.   She had Alzheimer's.
35.   My Dad died in the 1970's. His name was James Dennis Stamey.
         He was from the North Carolina mountains.  His sisters were Julia,
         Irene, and brothers were Ray and  Burnette.  Then they moved to
         Marshallberg, N.C. on the coast.     
36.   Daddy bent over to pick up a stick and died before he hit ground..
37.   I have 1 living brother - Wayne. Lives in Wilmington, N.C.
38.   I had 1 brother, Jimmy, that died in 2001. Lived in Greensboro, NC       
39.   I love purple and royal blue.
40.   I hear roosters and guinea hens all day. Neighbors several houses away
        have alot of them.
41.   I love my husband and my family.
42.   I love virtual quilting - see all my quilts..
43.   I love to play on my computer.
44.   I have a lot to learn about psp.
45.   I don't want to work in the yard or  flowers any more.
46.   I love flowers.
47.   I love ice cream. Favorite is Pet Black Walnut or Pralines & Cream.
48.   I like hot chocolate.
49.   I like most all chocolate candy.
50.   My Mother used to make us kids get our own "switch" and we
           had better get a good one or you got 2 whippings. It worked too.
51.   I like Cheerios.
52.   I don't like politics.
53.   I don't talk religion as it always starts arguments.
54.   I have been to Hawaii. It was beautiful. Son-in-law was stationed there.
55.   I have been on a Caribbean cruise. The water was a beautiful clear blue
        but the islands are poor.
56.   I don't care about going to Europe.
57.   I would like to see a lot more of the USA.
58.   My favorite song is Unchained Melody or close second
        is Just One Look by Doris Troy or Going Home to Jesus by
         the Clovers.
59.   I help Jim support the Shriners Children Hospitals.
60.   I am shy I think.
61.   I don't know why I started this list.
62.   I have been to the Bahamas. It is poor.  I would not go back.
63.   I would like to go to Alaska on a cruise.
64.   I would just love to win a lottery.
65.   I will be 72 in December 20012.
66.   I like Willie Nelson and would love to see him in a small bar somewhere.. We did get to see him at the Greensboro Coliseum.
67.   I like our  American Dream RV motorhome but we don't have it any more. 
68.   I think I am very lucky to still be alive.
69.   I know I am lucky to be married to my best friend.
70.   I hope I never need any more surgeries. but I had to have emergency GB surgery.
71.   I like  the TV show 24. I believe it is my favorite right now. I liked Jag.
72.   I like NCIS and all of the CSI shows.
73.   I don't like soap operas.
74.   I don't read very much. but when I do, I like James Patterson.
75.   I can't sleep all night long now. I have to get up during the 'Wee Wee"
76.   I like Elvis and got to go to one of his concerts.
77.   I have an old quilt made for my grandfather by his church congregation
        back in the l940's while he was in and around Franklin, N.C.  
78.   I have lymphedema in my right arm.
79.   I love to hear those 3 little words - let's eat out.
80.   I hate to go to the dentist but I have good teeth so far. Doctors told me
        to expect big troubles after the bone marrow transplant..
81.   My house always needs cleaning. So what? It's my dirt.
82.   All I want for Christmas is somebody to clean my house.
83.   I drink lots of water. My kidneys should be in really good shape.
84.   Mosquitoes leave big whelps on me.
85.   I am terrified of snakes.
86.   I still drive my '95 caravan around town - 160,000 miles. .Had to sell it for parts..
87.   I now have a chrysler pacific with 20,000 miles on it. .
88.   I don't like loud music or loud people.
89.   I love key lime pie. In facts, I like all sweets.
90.   I am a listener I think. Jim is a talker.
91.   I listen to him then do what I want any way.
92.   I like the blues and the Myrtle Beach shagging music. The "Shag" is a
        southern dance of style and grace - similar to the jitterbug but smoother.
93.   I am the oldest person on my mother's side of the family.
94.   I like that awesome voice of Sam Elliott.
95.   I like Steven Segal movies and Michael Mcconaughey movies .
96.   I like cool weather with gentle breezes.
97.   I don't like snow. The most I have seen was to my knees one time.
98.   I don't like prime rib.
99.   I like Thomas Kinkade pictures but only have one.
100. I wear Beautiful perfume.
101. I have roseca (skin disease that occurs middle age to fair skin people)
102. I enjoy my on line quilting friends.
103. I enjoy being in Graphic Quilting group.
104. I enjoy doing  psp tutorials and learn something each time I do one.
105. I am trying to learn to pixel paint.
106. I have never done drugs.
107. I have never put gas in my car - my husband spoils me.
108. I just had an MRI and learned that I am in for some hard times - it showed
        severe lumbar stenosis, severe back arthritis, with bone spurs.  July, 2012
109. So when I die, my tombstone should read "here lies Ann, she's in no pain."




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